Tango Dancing and Cortisol

Tango Dancing and Cortisol

Ever Find the Tango scene from Al Pacino in the movie, Scent of a Woman? You must admit , it was pretty classy. The grace and coordination were some thing to admired. Even when it did not seem like a serious workout, there was some thing about the way the couple just glided through those steps.Scuole di Tango a Roma

There was this hype over the Tango in the 90’s which I never really got to use until 2004. Even then it had been a few courses of Latin dance. I must admit, I loosened up quite a little while and my own training seemed to flow better. As a guy, I was curious about meeting women in the workplace. As a fitness center and health researcher, I was interested in the effects that dance had within the human body and mind.

The common reason for dancing is have some fun and burn off calories. (Oh yeah and laugh and fulfill with the other gender.) But, something as complicated as the Tango affects the human body in different ways than yet another exercise.

Psychology Professors Cynthia Ouiroga Murcia Phd and Stephan Bongard from the Goethe University Frankfurt and also Musicology professor Gunter Kreutz from the Carl von Ossietzky University conducted a study regarding the effects of tango dancing on the warrior’s pressure hormonal levels. They did so by frequently analyzing the cortisol and testosterone levels of the warrior’s saliva.

As you might know, cortisol is intended to defend the body against inflammation, but frequently causes elevated blood pressure and weight reduction.

What the investigators discovered was that:

1. Exotic playing music, tended to increase testosterone in both women and reduced testosterone in both men. However, active tango dance failed to effect the testosterone levels in either dancer. Stop lying around and becoming effeminent.)

2. The tango dancing is actually a moderate activity at roughly 55% workforce capability for the majority of people, so even though they weren’t burning too many calories as a faster dancing, they’re likewise not therefore they don’t truly reach the high-stress, cortisol-producing phase.

It gets very interesting. Standard dancing with partner and music diminished the cortisol levels within both the male and female dancers. Dancing alone or without music has been considerably less beneficial than dance with someone as well as the music. That you do not look as crazy if you’re dancing by yourself without music.)

Thus, you may have a great time and stay fit without always being forced to work your self into a sweat.

Doug Setter retains a Bachelor’s of Food and Nutrition. He has functioned as a paratrooper and U.N. Peacekeeper, has successfully completed 5 full marathons and climbed Mt. Rainier. He also held a welterweight kick-boxing name in the age 40. He welcomes customers in alcohol reduction, stomach-flattening, kickboxing and nutrition. He’s the writer of Stomach Flattening, Reduce Your Alcohol Craving plus One Less Victim.

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